How old do you have to be to start?
We have many classes on offer with classes beginning at 2.5 years old.

Why can't parents watch the classes in the studio?
This is to ensure that your child receives the full attention from the teachers that you are paying for, as children are generally better behaved and more focused when parents are not in the room. Parents in the studio can be distracting for the child, other students and the teacher! Parents may view the class through the glass doors at the studio.
There will be an open class session at the end of each term to allow you to see what your child is learning throughout the year. Permission for viewing will be given on special occasions such as grandparent visits etc.

Do you have any adult classes?
Yes! We have adult classes in Tap and also offer an adult Dance program which covers Jazz, Hip Hop, contemporary and lyrical. This is available for all abilities, beginners to advanced! We have also introduced some new morning fitness classes into the program. "Cardio Attack" which is a high energy Aerobic style and "Strength & Stretch" which incorporates elements of Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates. Please email for more information.

Are there classes on Public Holidays?
Generally we hold classes on Public Holidays due to performance or examiniations practice. Parents will be informed of NO DANCE days in the newsletter in the IMPORTANT DATES section.

Are there dance classes on school student free days?
YES!! As student free days usually fall on a Monday, which is the same for public holidays, we don't wnat to have these students missing out.

Do I have to pay for a class if my child is sick or away?
Overhead costs continue regardless of attendees, therefore no refunds can be given for missed classes. If cancelled by the teacher, a make up class with be offered or a credit on the following term's account will be given.
This ensures places are held for the entire term. Exceptions will be given if the student will be away for a lengthy amount of time due to family vacations etc, however notice must be given in these circumstances. If no notice is given in writing, full fees will be payable.

Does my child have to wear dance shoes?
Yes, dance shoes are required for each discipline, jazz, tap, ballet, highland and hip hop. This is part of the uniform and necessary to help support the foot and ankle and to promote the correct technique required for that particular style.

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