Classes are conducted at the Bodies in Motion Studio, Mossman (upstairs, 35 Front St), the Mossman Shire Hall, St Augustine's Performing Arts Hall, the Uniting Church Hall and the Buffs Hall on Junction Rd. All venues have timber floors to minimize impact and the studio has full length mirrors.




Bodies in Motion Dance School offers lessons in many different styles of dance

  • Dance & Play, Kindy Dance & Dance Prep - a special program designed for young children aged 3 to 5yrs. This program introduces students to a range of dance styles whilst preparing them for more specialised tuition. This is done through music and interactive games and exercises.
  • Ballet - the traditional classical style
  • Jazz - a fast moving style used with modern day music, incorporating foundations of dance technique.
  • Tap - the syncopated rhythmic dance style using both older and modern day music
  • Hip Hop - an innovative and up-beat style of dance where students add their own style to choreography, enhancing individuality.
  • Contemporary - an interpretive dance style using musicality to express artistic themes.
  • Commercial Jazz - a modernised style of Jazz that uses popular music. Usually associated with the commercial scene eg; film clips, corporate entertainment and professional stage shows.
  • Musical Theatre - A style that encompasses the whole performance package: dancing, singing and acting. Inspired by the best musicals, straight from Broadway and West End.
  • Vocals - Students learn how to improve and fine tune their singing voice as well as develop a basic understanding of music theory.
  • Adult Classes - Suited to all ages and abilities ... it’s never too late to learn!
  • Highland Dance


Bodies in Motion Dance School teaches Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet syllabus from the Southern Federation of Dance. This syllabus aims to provide an enriching learning experience through sound, up to date teaching techniques, plus an understanding of the wider artistic and social dimensions of dance.  

The Dance Prep program uses aspects from the Leap and Learn and the Australian Teachers of Dance Syllabi. This program was created to teach the fundamentals of dance to young children through play, whilst further developing coordination, musicality and fine motor skills.

Hip Hop classes are based on syllabus from the Australian Teachers of Dance. This is one of the first ever Hip Hop syllabus created and focuses on rhythm and style to create an individual hip hop dancer.

Each syllabus is challenging, stimulating and designed to build students skills and sustain their interest in their chosen style of dance. Naturally, they all endorse the National Guidelines for Dance Curriculum.


Dance fees are to be paid by week two of every term. If you would prefer to pay weekly, then you must arrange this at the beginning of term and sign a payment plan agreement form. CLICK HERE to view a copy of our Fees Policy. It is a requirment of enrolment that every family signs this policy.
Payment can be made by cheque, cash, credit/debit card or direct deposit. We also have full EFTPOS facilities available at the studio. Please see Jody in the studio office for payment and account enquiries.


PLEASE NOTE: If your child’s dance classes are at a venue other than the Mossman studio, you still need to pay at the studio or via phone or internet. Teachers are not able to accept payments on your behalf.

Fee Schedule  (per term)

30 minute class           $116.00

45 minute class           $142.00

60 minute class           $156.00

75 minute class           $207.00

90 minute class           $236.00

120 minute class       $274.00    
         Adult Dance Class 45 minute       $100 per term

Adult Dance Class 60 minute       $120 per term

                                                    Dance Private lesson               $35.00  per hour

                           Music Private lesson               $66.00  per hour

 10% discount applies to standard class term fees for families who take 2 - 3 classes per term. 

Take 4 classes & get $110 off
Take 5 classes & get $190 off
Take 6 classes & get $270 off
Take 7 classes & get $350 off

Registration Fee   (per student, per year) 

Bodies in Motion          $30.00

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